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Sex and Gender Education (SAGE)

PFLAG of Jacksonville aims to create a network of local LGBTQI+ and ally business owners and professionals that work together toward a common goal of creating more compassionate, inclusive, and affirming experiences for queer folks who conduct personal and professional business in our community.


We will accomplish this through the newly launched SAGE (Sex and Gender Education) Program. The goal of the SAGE Program is to serve local retail and business professionals, healthcare professionals, news and media organizations, and other professionals, in businesses both large and small. We also offer training for faith-based organizations, family and guardian groups, educators, and one-on-one consultations. Our goal is to increase LGBTQI+ cultural competency across Northeast Florida.

We offer virtual, video, or in-person training opportunities. Our programs can be customized to meet your training needs and budget. 

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LGBTQI+ Cultural Competency


Pronouns and Gender Education


And more!


Inclusive Sexual Health Education


Sexual Orientation vs. Gender Identity

SAGE Videos

Beyond the Binary - Understanding Sex & Gender

Take some time to view our flagship educational video where we address the topic of, what happens when the options of Yes/No or 1/0 doesn't fit you? Take a  look at this video titled Beyond the Binary, where  Angel Russell, Director of Sex and Gender Education  (SAGE), for PFLAG of Jacksonville, helps us navigate and understand the  biology of sex.takes a look at  the gender spectrum. We hope you find this video helpful! If you have an idea for another  video you'd like to see, email

Download the SAGE Gargoyle Worksheet

Good Allyship for the LGBTQIA+ Community

Our second video breaks down how to be a good ally to your LGBTQIA+ friends, family and loved ones. In this video, Angel K. Russell (the/them) breaks down and defines what an ally is and who allies include. Angel covers the four ways how you can be an active ally to the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Sexual Orientation - Foundations & Definitions

Our third video, titled Sexual Orientation, covers the language around sexuality and how is varies between different groups, areas or even within a community. Angel breaks downs some common sexual orientation labels, what they mean and information about that set the tone for this inclusive video.  

We have many more videos in store. If you have a suggestion for another video, workshop or program that SAGE could do, please visit or email

Gender Identity

A lot of factors can influence the language we use in our daily lives. In this video, we discuss the foundations and definitions of the the vast subject of Gender Identity. Here Angel K. Russell, Director of Sex and Gender Education  (SAGE), for PFLAG Jacksonville, helps us understand some of the common terms by highlighting some of the most common terms. 


We hope you are finding our videos helpful! If you have an idea for another video you'd like to see, email

Community Partners

Through the generous donations from our community partners, we are able to realize our dream to offer educational resources to the community. From sponsoring videos, educational materials or workshops; every dollar helps spread knowledge. 

Thank you CSX for being one of our initial community partners. Through their Community Service Grant, PFLAG Jacksonville is able to able to expand our learning video library. 

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